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Gavin  Tasker

Gavin Tasker

Heavy Civil, Dams, Reservoirs, Hydropower & Water Resources Business Development

Gavin Tasker enjoys finding challenging new business opportunities for Barnard. With 25 years of experience on a broad range of heavy civil projects, he understands the complexity of Barnard’s work and seeks to develop and maintain relationships with partners and potential customers.
Gavin holds a B.S. in Construction Management from Oregon State University. He joined Barnard in 2001 and was promoted to Project Manager in 2005. While in the field, Gavin gained significant experience managing projects in earthwork, dams, reservoirs, pipelines, and power transmission. Gavin’s involvement in both bidding and constructing heavy civil work throughout the U.S. as well as his experience working with a variety of Owners under differing contract types provides a strong base for his position within Barnard’s Business Development Team. Gavin can be reached at


Company Headquarters
701 Gold Avenue
Bozeman, MT

p: 406-586-1995 / f: 406-586-3530


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