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Delivering exceptional results

If it can be measured, it can be improved upon; this is how our quality program is communicated to our Project Teams. Barnard takes a proactive approach in quality from the corporate level through the field personnel. Our individual project leaders, the Vice Presidents/Operations Managers, ensure that from the outset quality is addressed in the company’s training programs, and that continual monitoring and maintenance of the quality program are performed at each project location.

Corporate Quality Program
Taking a proactive approach

Barnard has an all-encompassing quality manual that addresses both quality assurance and quality control. Our quality manual is compliant with ISO 9001:2008. 

Building it right the first time

At each project, we develop a thorough, site-specific quality plan that strives to achieve a uniform and high quality level of workmanship throughout the phases of procurement, fabrication, construction, and final facility testing and delivery. Discussion about quality assurance and quality control is on the agenda at our daily, weekly and monthly meetings onsite and off.

Earning trust
Partnering and teamwork

In working with  clients and quality control inspectors, we know that our focus on partnering and teamwork is essential. Our good relationships at the field activity level have been noted by all types of construction personnel. This practice of open communication lends itself to keeping quality in the forefront of every individual’s work goals.


"The overall CQC program for this project was EXCELLENT. Communication with the CQC team was outstanding; the QC team went above and beyond to answer any questions or concerns brought to their attention. Deficiencies were often self-identified and corrected to high satisfaction, without complaint from Barnard."
- United States Army Corps of Engineers, Los Angeles District