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Improving Our Communities

Barnard isn’t just about building. We set out to improve the world we all live in; both through the projects we undertake and the way we approach them. We view compliance with agency and owner requirements as a minimum standard. To view the project as a cut-and-dried assignment, rather than a way to better the world for future generations would be short-sighted. Our teams in the field look at the whole project long-term. When we work at a project, our families live there, too. We know what type of environment we want to leave for the next generation as well as for the owner.

With a Corporate Environmental Manager and a designated Environmental Representative on each project, we cover the bases at both management and project levels. Our corporate commitment to the environment includes:

Corporate environmental program
Minimizing environmental impacts

Owner and agency satisfaction is of paramount concern to us. Whether it’s reclaiming and revegetating a site upon project completion, incorporating a site-wide recycling program, or minimizing our waste products, we strive for a no-incident record that exceeds owner expectations and maintains our outstanding reputation as environmental stewards.

Continually improving

On each project, we continually improve the way we manage our environmental responsibilities and address these responsibilities with the same level of importance as safety and quality.

Corporate Sustainability Initiative
Tracking our progress

Barnard's corporate sustainability initiative includes reducing greenhouse gas, reducing our carbon footprint at each project, diverting waste from landfills whenever possible, and reducing our resource consumption.

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