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Northeast Water Purification Plant Expansion Project

To reduce its dependency on groundwater and increase reliance on surface water, the City of Houston, in association with four regional authorities, is expanding its Northeast Water Purification Plant (NEWPP). This expansion will allow the City and regional authorities to support residential and commercial growth while fulfilling requirements set by the Harris-Galveston and Fort Bend Subsidence Districts. The NEWPP Expansion Project is a design-build project between the City of Houston and design-builder Houston Waterworks Team that will increase the existing water plant’s capacity by 320 million gallons per day by 2024.         

As a way to offer opportunities within the project, the City of Houston released four construction Early Work Packages (EWPs) that will be completed by the beginning of 2019. Barnard is assisting Houston Waterworks Team with EWP 4, which involves constructing twin raw water transmission mains that will carry water from the Lake Houston intake pump station to the expanded NEWPP. Installation of these two mains will require a shored trench, trench unwatering, and CLSM backfill. Barnard is also performing care of water activities, cathodic protection, tunneling, and storm drainage modifications as part of EWP 4. To add to the challenge of this project, Barnard is completing each of these activities in a tight utility corridor that is in close proximity to residential neighborhoods.

Northeast Water Purification Plant Expansion Project

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