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Lake Mead Low Lake Level Pumping Station Discharge Aqueducts

With the responsibility of providing drinking water to the greater Las Vegas area, the Southern Nevada Water Authority (SNWA) has had to be proactive in facing the continuing challenges posed by drought and the resulting drop in lake level at Lake Mead, its water source. The most recent of its projects to ensure that water could be drawn from the lowest region in the lake formed by the Hoover Dam is to design and construct the Intake No. 3 Low Lake Level Pumping Station (L3PS). Efforts to capture and distribute this low lake level water have required SNWA to develop multiple interdependent projects to keep the overall project manageable and moving forward. At present, Barnard is constructing 34 Well Shafts and the Forebay cavern that will connect the Low Lake Level intake with the Low Lake Level Pumping Station (L3PS), as well as the above-ground pumping station. As an additional contract in this multi-stage effort, the L3PS Discharge Aqueducts Project was designed to move the pumped water from the intake to nearby existing water treatment facilities.

In May 2016, SNWA selected Barnard through a competitive bidding process to excavate, install, weld and backfill 5,291 LF of 12-ft.-diameter mortar-lined and coated steel aqueduct pipe. This fast-track project included time-sensitive tie-ins to SNWA’s existing water conveyance infrastructure, all the while protecting and supporting in place an existing 1940s-era 40-inch-diameter steel water line.

Lake Mead Low Lake Level Pumping Station Discharge Aqueducts

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