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Water & Sewer

Water and sewer projects have always been our bread and butter. We recently ranked #3 in a national survey of water supply projects and #7 transmission line and and have extensive experience in pipeline installation, encompassing a broad range of materials and diameters up to 156 inches. For one client alone, we have installed more than 300 miles of pipe over a period of 15 years. Challenging groundwater and soil conditions, remote, environmentally sensitive, or urban locations, we have the experts to address them. Our pipe expertise includes: WSP, FRPC, reinforced concrete cylinder pipe, reinforced concrete pipe, HDPE, PVC, ductile iron pipe, pre-stressed concrete cylinder pipe, vitrified clay pipe, and sliplined pipe.

Haiwee Power Plant Penstock Replacement Project

Barnard replaced outdated and distorted steel penstock with FRP pipe along the initial 2 miles of the Los Angeles Aqueduct downstream of the Haiwee Reservoir.

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Northeast Water Purification Plant Expansion Project

To reduce its dependency on groundwater and increase reliance on surface water, the City of Houston, in association with four regional authorities, is expanding its Northeast Water Purification Plant by 320 million gallons per day by 2024.

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Lake Mead Intake No. 3 Low Lake Level Pumping Station (L3PS) (Water & Sewer)

The L3PS Project will use cutting-edge submersible pumps to draw water from the depths of Lake Mead.

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Lake Mead Low Lake Level Pumping Station Discharge Aqueducts

To capture and distribute low lake level water from Lake Mead for Las Vegas, SNWA has developed multiple interdependent projects. Barnard recently completed the L3PS Discharge Aqueducts Project as an additional contract in this multi-stage effort.

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Owens Lake Dust Mitigation Program (Water & Sewer)

After 15 years of dust mitigation efforts on Owens Lake, LADWP has realized success in compensating for the draining of this lake early in the 20th century. Phase 7a required moving quickly to apply a combination of mitigation techniques that had worked in the past on various parts of the expansive project site.

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Bisbee Wastewater Improvements

An 1880s Arizona mining community reborn as an artist community and tourist attraction wanted to protect its historic feel while updating city services.

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