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Ellis Avenue Trunk Sewer

The Orange County Sanitation District needed to upgrade its sewer line, yet did not want to inconvenience area commuters by closing one of the area’s busiest thoroughfares, so they hired our Barnard Soletanche Team to construct 1.1 miles of tunnel through extremely challenging soils. Our solution was to combine TBM mining with hand-mining as well as to construct mixed linings based on the soil conditions. The project also included launch and retrieval shafts as well as five manhole shafts, all in very tight right-of-way conditions on the main thoroughfare connecting Huntington Beach and Newport Beach, California.

We conducted the work with minor traffic disruptions, in part as a result of our innovative installation of the five, 11-foot-diameter manholes, accomplished by drilling the casing, placing concrete in the floor slab with a tremie chute, setting the manholes, and then using slurry to hold the manholes in place. We conquered groundwater and running soil conditions by hand-mining select areas. Dewatering without settlement posed another challenge our team overcame.

Ellis Avenue Trunk Sewer

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