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Barnard worked to maintain, upgrade, and construct several substations that bring power to the greater Los Angeles area.

Barnard has been in a partnership with Southern California Edison (SCE) since 2019 to perform regular construction upgrades and maintenance throughout several of their substations. Across thirteen different projects in the Los Angeles area, Barnard installed new 220kV transformer bank positions with an existing energized substation; installed new circuit breakers, disconnects, protection and controls; and demolished multiple 220kV substations. Additionally, associated scopes of work included site work, as well as foundation, structural support steel, primary conductor, conduit, grounding, secondary wiring and protection, controls, and communications upgrades within each respective project.


Location: Various locations across greater Los Angeles, CA

Owner: Southern California Edison (SCE)

Engineer: Southern California Edison (SCE)

Contract Type: Fixed Price MSA Contract

Status: Complete


  • Brownfield work within energized substations

  • (4 projects) underground conduit, vaults, risers, and cable trench installation

  • (2 projects) including fencing installation. 1 standard, 1 specialized rodent deterrent fence

  • Equipment Demo - Circuit Breakers, Steel Structures, Disconnects, Foundations, control house relay racking and Primary & Secondary Conductor

  • Installation - Transformers, Circuit Breakers, Disconnects, Potential Transformers, Lightning Arrestors, Reactors, get-away risers, Primary & Secondary Conductor

  • Outage-driven work

  • Substation automation

>80% of projects completed in energized substations with voltages ranging from 4 kV to 500 kV

>20 transformers installed

>30 circuit breakers installed

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