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Barnard works closely with PG&E to address pipeline safety, particularly in high-consequence, populated areas.

Since January 2013, Barnard Pipeline, Inc. has been a “Strategic Partner” in Pacific Gas and Electric Company’s (PG&E’s) Natural Gas Pipeline Modernization Program. This 10-year program is designed to strengthen and improve the integrity, safety, and reliability of PG&E’s natural gas transmission system. The work spans a range of environments, from rural or agricultural terrain to crowded city streets and urban neighborhoods. As a Strategic Partner, Barnard manages and works in a region in Northern California and assists PG&E in planning and coordinating projects. Barnard also performs natural gas pipeline construction, testing, valve replacement, and integrity management, working on pipelines ranging in size from 4 to 42 in. in diameter.


Location: Northern California

Owner: Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E)

Engineer: PG&E, Campos, EN Engineering, URS, and GTS

Contract Type: Shared Risk (negotiated)

Status: Currently under construction


  • Awarded 2015 PG&E Supplier of the Year and 2015 PG&E Gas Supplier of the Year
  • Challenging project locations, from rural terrain to dense urban settings
  • Multiple concurrent projects
  • High-pressure pipeline replacement, new installation, and fabrication
  • Large-diameter pipe
  • HDD and conventional boring
  • River and street crossings

345 projects completed to date

9 years as a Strategic Partner

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