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JackRabbit Phase II

When it comes to natural gas delivery, everyone is in a hurry, owners and consumers alike. At the JackRabbit Phase II Project near Parachute, Colorado, EPCO faced landowner and environmental restrictions on top of the significant challenge of finding a contractor capable of constructing a sophisticated high-pressure natural gas pipeline across terrain that routinely receives anywhere from 4 to 8 feet of snow annually.

Barnard met the challenge. We hired crews totaling 250 employees to work on a fast-track schedule to build roughly 2 miles of 20-inch steel suction line; roughly 10 miles total of 10-inch pipe in three separate lateral lines; seven launcher/receiver sites; three creek crossings; and multiple road crossings. Despite the difficult access and myriad restrictions, we completed the work on time and on budget to the owner’s satisfaction.

JackRabbit Phase II

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