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Barnard Pipeline has a long, successful history building the most complex and challenging gas transmission pipelines and major heavy civil construction projects across North America. Our reputation for attention to detail, innovative approach to work, and culture of safety is generated by our people, who are our greatest asset.

We are experienced in pipeline construction up to 42 inches in diameter, in all types of locations and conditions, urban or rural, remote high altitude or desert. Our work often involves water crossings, and working around or through wetlands and in mountainous terrain in freezing temperatures. We take on complex projects under a variety of contract types, such as Open Book Pricing or Shared-Risk. Barnard is a unique organization. Among our strengths, our highly qualified staff accurately estimates costs and effectively manages the many facets of project design and implementation. Our ability to interact with related agencies, landowners, and the general public is of great value to our clients. We are members of the Pipe Line Contractors Association.

PB-17 Newberry Springs Project

Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) undertook one of its largest in-line inspection (ILI) projects to ensure the safety and reliability of its gas transmission system.

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Kern River – Apex Expansion – Wasatch Loop Pipeline

Kern River Gas confronted a nearly impossible task – to bury 28 miles of 36-inch-diameter high pressure natural gas pipeline across Utah’s steep and craggy Wasatch Mountain Range.

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PG&E Gas Transmission Construction Alliance Program

Since 2013, Barnard Pipeline has participated in Pacific Gas and Electric Company's (PG&E's) Natural Gas Pipeline Modernization Program dedicated to strengthening and improving the integrity and safety of its natural gas transmission system in Northern California.

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JackRabbit Phase II

When it comes to natural gas delivery, everyone is in a hurry, owners and consumers alike.

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Piceance Development Project

ExxonMobil needed construction expertise to take roughly 36 miles of pipeline across a remote region in northwestern Colorado.

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Southern System Expansion II

In launching this project, Questar needed a well organized contractor capable of constructing 59 miles of 24-inch natural gas pipeline through solid rock at high elevations on a fast-track schedule.

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We're looking for bright, innovative, hard-working people - those who thrive on demanding and challenging tasks and who bring out the best in others on their Team. Our people are eager for responsibility.

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