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Completed in just over 90 days, the fast-track Goldendale to Willard Anomaly Digs featured extremely steep terrain with sites exceeding 90 percent slope.

After identifying 32 anomalies on a 26-in. natural gas pipeline near White Salmon, Washington, Williams Northwest Gas Pipeline Company, LLC contracted with Barnard Pipeline, Inc. to perform a complete pipe assessment and repair each anomaly. The project presented a unique challenge; the pipeline parallels the Columbia River Gorge, and the majority of the anomalies were located on steep slopes. To work safely and efficiently in this terrain, Barnard tethered all equipment together with a specialized winching system. This project also entailed protecting an exposed pipe span directly below numerous dig sites. Barnard took a dual approach to this crucial element by installing rockfall protection fencing along with a shield directly across the span. The overall approach and execution of the project resulted in on-time completion with no safety incidents.


Location: White Salmon, Washington

Owner: Williams Northwest Gas Pipeline Company, LLC

Engineer: Williams Northwest Gas Pipeline Company, LLC

Contract Type: Fixed Lump Sum & Fixed Unit Price (competitive bid)

Status: Complete


  • Work above an exposed in-service pipeline
  • Specialized winch system tethered all equipment
  • Rock excavation and rockfall protection fence installation
  • PermaWrap and PetroSleeve installation

32 anomaly digs

>90% grade steep terrain work

0 safety incidents

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