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By installing a more resilient steel transmission line, the project seeks to reduce potential customer service disruption, halve the transmission corridors and associated environmental footprint, mitigate wildfire hazards, and improve maintenance and emergency access.

To update WAPA's transmission grid in Loveland, Colorado, Barnard is removing 30 circuit miles of existing single-circuit 115kV transmission line—including conductor, groundwire, and OPGW—and installing 15 miles of double-circuit 115kV transmission line using 795 ACSR conductor. The conductor will be strung on new Tubular Steel Poles (TSPs) that are replacing the aged and deteriorating wood structures. Additionally, Barnard is clearing and expanding the existing right-of-way, building new roads and structure sites, and updating the existing roads. The project presents a number of challenges including work in remote terrain at high altitude where winter storms are common. Upon completion, the project will help mitigate wildfire hazards from power lines and improve the maintenance access for routine work and emergency situations.


Location: Loveland, Colorado.

Owner: Western Area Power Administration (WAPA)

Engineer: WAPA

Contract type: Fixed Lump Sum (competitive bid)

Status: Currently under construction


  • Installation of underground ADSS
  • 10 micropile foundations and 85 drilled pier foundations
  • Removal of conductor, groundwire, and wood pole structures
  • Elevation gain from 5,537 ft. to 8,655 ft.
  • Technical blasting performed for drilled pier foundations within 10 ft. of existing wood pole structures.

94 tubular steel poles

463,000 LF of conductor

181 acres of tree clearing

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