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August 10th, 2023

From the Home Office to Hard Hats: Meet Barnard’s 2023 Interns

By Kalli Falck, Marketing Intern

As the summer draws to a close, many of our interns are hanging up their hard hats and heading back to campus. After welcoming a record 47 interns from 22 different colleges, we’re excited to share more about their experiences working in a variety of disciplines, including project engineering, safety, estimating, marketing, and mechanical engineering.

Between 10 different project sites and the Home Office in Bozeman, Montana, our interns spread out across the map. Students worked on projects in Arizona, California, Colorado, North Dakota, North Carolina, Tennessee, and Texas. Interns gained experience in a wide range of heavy civil construction services from estimating and preparing proposals at the Home Office, to working on power transmission lines, dams and reservoirs, repurposed fossil plant sites, and natural gas pipeline modernization programs.

Barnard provides interns with a foundation to learn, grow, and take on responsibility. The value of these internships is priceless. A Barnard internship provides an opportunity for students to immerse themselves in not only the work, but the culture of the company, learning about the team environment and career growth potential. Interns gain firsthand experience in their field of study and in the company to determine if it is the right fit for them.

Our interns do not get coffees–they plan, coordinate, collaborate, and accomplish goals alongside fellow Barnard employees. They become an integral part of the team and often oversee a section of their own work. We want them to gain the hands-on knowledge and experience that will prepare them to follow their chosen career path within the construction industry.

Hear from two Barnard interns on their experience…

Clare Shetley, a project engineering intern from Missouri University of Science and Technology is currently working as an estimator at the Home Office in Bozeman, Montana. “There has been an emphasis put on wanting the interns to feel like real employees.” Clare explains how this emphasis has been demonstrated through actions. “We are a part of the team, given responsibility and work to contribute towards. Everyone on my floor came to my office the first week and introduced themselves, offering help whenever I need it. Everyone is here to help, but not tell you how to do it. They want to see us learn by experience.”

Nolan Beisiegel, a mechanic intern from Ferris State is currently working at a spillway modification project in Jamestown, North Dakota. “This experience will help me greatly for my future. I learned so much in my first month that I can only imagine what my future may hold. Everyone has been extremely helpful, from those in the office I rarely see, to the ones I work closely with every day.” Nolan explains as a mechanic intern no day is quite the same, which keeps things exciting. “It's anyone's guess as to what can happen… we’re always on call, and if something needs to be taken care of, oftentimes we will stop what we are doing to run out and ensure it is properly resolved.”

We can’t wait to see where our interns go from here and the valuable lessons they will take with them. Congratulations to Barnard’s Summer Intern Class of 2023–your future is bright!