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Dan Schall

Dan Schall

Vice President & Operations Manager

“Our people are unique: they have the right attitude, knowledge and culture to take on the challenges posed by the type and location of the work we perform. They thrive on working with project owners that have a desire and attitude to be involved in the process. It is amazing what our people can do.”

As Operations Manager, Dan Schall oversees all Tunneling Group projects at the Executive Level, from selection and bidding to contract negotiations and Partnering once a tunneling project is underway. Most recently, he and one of his teams began Early Contractor Involvement participation in and construction of the complex Low Lake Level Pumping Station tunneling project for the Southern Nevada Water Authority. 

Dan has built his 29-year career in the heavy civil construction industry specializing in tunnels, shafts, concrete, hydropower, earthwork, water and wastewater treatment plants, marine work, and turbine/generator equipment installation. For more than a decade, he has had oversight of and direct involvement in a broad range of successful projects throughout the U.S., a number of which have encompassed alternative contracting methods. Many have earned significant national and regional awards.


Company Headquarters
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Bozeman, MT

p: 406-586-1995 / f: 406-586-3530


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