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Military Service Members & Barnard
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701 Gold Avenue
Bozeman, MT 59715


701 Gold Avenue
Bozeman, MT 59715

Barnard proudly supports active and retired members of the US Armed Forces. We strive to provide meaningful and challenging career opportunities as you transition from the military to civilian workforce.

About us

Build on teamwork

Barnard is a heavy civil construction company based in Bozeman, Montana. We're one of the nations Top 400 contractors according to Engineering News-Record. We specialize in all aspects of heavy civil construction, hydropower & renewables, power delivery, underground, oil & gas, and environmental efforts. Our jobs can be risky and demanding. We need people who are up for a challenge and thrive under unusual circumstances.

Our values

People Building for People

Our people are behind the success of the company. Barnard's reputation attracts the highest quality personnel committed to producing projects that set a standard for excellence. Our culture is family-oriented, and our employees contribute every day to making Barnard such a great place to work. Our commitment to providing a great work environment means you will always have access to the leadership team.

Pearls of Culture

  1.  Safety, Quality, and Integrity
  2. Respect and Concern for Every Individual and His/Her Family
  3. Communicate and Train
  4. Never “I," Always “We” Leadership
  5. Everyone is a Businessperson
  6. Hard-working
  7. High Expectations for Everyone
  8. Never Assume the Answer is “No”
  9. Yin/Yang
  10. Great Attitude = Success!

What makes the transition easy

We have a lot in common

Key similarities between military service and Barnard:

Adjusting to the civilian world has its challenges. Here, we want to focus on the skills you developed and what you can do with it. Succeeding as a team requires the ability to perform under pressure and the right work ethic to get the job done.

At Barnard, we manage large, complex projects, which requires someone who can hold themselves accountable. If you possess leadership qualities and the willingness to take responsibility for the task assigned to you, we think there's a spot for you on our team.

Mike Flynn

RSP, Corporate Safety Director
Marine Corps Veteran
Like the Marine Corps, Barnard has a structured chain of command. When trying to solve problems, you can always look to your superiors for assistance. Our leadership provides you with an appropriate level of command.