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“The most important safety tool we have is every individual out there.” 
-Mike Gilbertson, Barnard Superintendent

Safety is personal. We believe that we all deserve to work in a safe place and go home to our families every day after work. The “we” refers to all people – our employees, our subcontractors, everyone onsite, and the public at large. At Barnard, we know that each person, from the newest crew member to the CEO, should be equally accountable for safe work practices and creating a safe work place, so we’re continually on the lookout for more ways to enhance our safety program.

Safety Week. Barnard is proud to be one of 31 national construction companies to develop and promote this nationwide focus on improving Safety performance and understanding. During the first week of May each year, companies are encouraged to give safety presentations and conduct mock accidents and drills, to encourage proactive safety responses from their teams. Safety Week emphasizes the need for safe work practices each week of the year.

Speak Up / Listen Up. Barnard uses the Speak Up! / Listen Up! Program, a training program focused on increasing and improving communication when a crew sees something unsafe. This program encourages anyone at any level to reinforce a safe work culture and confirms that it is okay to give safety feedback to supervisors, managers, or people in other work groups.

Key Activity Reviews.  Our Key Activity Reviews are informal, sit-down reviews with a crew at the 10 percent completion stage of any major work activity to see if the execution of the work can be improved for Safety, Quality and Production. Teams discuss incidents and good ideas so that they can be related to all employees throughout the Company.

Executive Safety Team. Our Executive Safety Team, a cross-section of Barnard, from craft to senior management, meets quarterly at different projects to openly discuss safety stats, trends, issues and needs for the future with the project team.

Intentionally improving the communication of Safety throughout each day and at each project and identifying and working with crew members who are most likely to take risks are also part of our commitment to continuous improvement.

Barnard’s Safety Objectives
  Key Elements of Our Safety Program



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