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Environmental Stewardship

Barnard isn’t just about building. We set out to improve the world we all live in; both through the projects we undertake and the way we approach them. We view compliance with agency and owner requirements as a minimum standard. To view the project as a cut-and-dried assignment, rather than a way to better the world for future generations would be short-sighted. Our teams in the field look at the whole project long-term. When we work at a project, our families live there, too. We know what type of environment we want to leave for the next generation as well as for the owner.

With a Corporate Environmental Manager and a designated Environmental Representative on each project, we cover the bases at both management and project levels. Our corporate commitment to the environment includes:

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Owner and agency satisfaction is of paramount concern to us. Whether it’s reclaiming and revegetating a site upon project completion, incorporating a site-wide recycling program, or minimizing our waste products, we strive for a no-incident record that exceeds owner expectations and maintains our outstanding reputation as environmental stewards.


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