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Our underground experts like the fact that there’s nothing straightforward about building a tunnel. From the moment we begin exploring a proposed tunneling project, they are searching out the unique challenges and addressing how they can be overcome, safely and within budget and schedule. We have built a team that offers expertise in the field in hard rock, TBM, and EPB construction and in work that requires slurry or NATM design-as-you-go adaptability. We build and manage projects under densely populated urban streets and remote mountainsides, in close proximity to operating systems and at the base of crashing waterfalls, nearly all with limited accessibility.

Third Street Light Rail Program, Phase II – Central Subway Tunnel

At the Central Subway Tunnel Project in the heart of San Francisco, the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA) set out to improve transit options for a densely populated neighborhood known for high public transportation ridership while also furthering business development along the new 1.7-mile rail line.

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Blue Lake Expansion Project (Tunnels)

The City and Borough of Sitka are saying goodbye to dependence on imported diesel fuel with the raising of the Blue Lake Dam.

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Eisenhower / Johnson Memorial Tunnels Fixed Fire Suppression System Design-Build Project (Tunnels)

Following the example set by highway departments in Europe and Australia, which have been updating their firefighting capabilities in tunnels in recent years, the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) sought a system that would provide the greatest flexibility in suppressing different types of fires and best protect the travelling public in its Eisenhower Johnson Memorial Tunnels.

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Ellis Avenue Trunk Sewer

The Orange County Sanitation District needed to upgrade its sewer line, yet did not want to inconvenience area commuters by closing one of the area’s busiest thoroughfares, so they hired our Barnard Soletanche Team to construct 1.1 miles of tunnel through extremely challenging soils.

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Lake Mead Intake No. 2 Connection and Modifications (Tunnels)

Increased demand for water, coupled with a prolonged drought, has caused water levels at Lake Mead to drop significantly in recent years.

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Snoqualmie Falls Hydroelectric Redevelopment (Tunnels)

There’s tunneling and underground work and then there’s historic preservation underground.

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