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PB-17 Newberry Springs Project

Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) is undertaking one of its largest projects to date to ensure that its gas transmission system is safe and reliable. PG&E contracted with Barnard under an aggressive schedule to test and in-line inspect (ILI) upgrade existing pipeline that runs through the Mojave Desert. This section of pipeline consists of a significant portion of the total pipeline mileage that PG&E will test and ILI upgrade, and is the largest project that Barnard has performed for PG&E.

To complete the pipeline work, Barnard is performing several ILI upgrades, completing a horizontal directional drill (HDD) under the Mojave River, and installing direct bury pipe. Additionally, Barnard is strength testing two 80-mile sections of gas pipelines. This project is challenging in that it takes place in a remote location where water is scarce, the temperature is extreme, and communication is difficult.

PB-17 Newberry Springs Project

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