People building for People.

That's what we do at Barnard. Whether we're raising a dam in Alaska, constructing a reservoir in Texas, tunneling under downtown San Francisco, repairing a penstock in British Columbia, or strengthening and improving the integrity of a natural gas pipeline in a Sacramento suburb, our people arrive at our projects with a determination to do the best for their communities and be the best in the industry.

Our work also encompasses hydropower, power transmission, marine, water and sewer pipeline, and environmental construction. Most often our projects include several of these elements. They always present a challenge. They affect our neighbors as well as our families. We live where we work, so we come to know our projects personally. We build for People.

Barnard News

Heading North

BBE Hydro Constructors Limited Partnership has begun construction on a contract worth approximately $1.4 billion CAN by Manitoba Hydro to build the Keeyask Generating Station on the lower Nelson River in northern Manitoba, Canada. The team is comprised of Barnard Construction of Canada, Ltd., Bechtel, and Canadian contractor EllisDon.

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The Barnard Difference

Start to Finish

We start projects ahead of the game by having the same team that bids the work and plans the approach go into the field to carry it out. Whether you’re working with our Power Transmission Team or any of our other areas of expertise, you’ll find our cradle-to-grave approach leads to a quick start and a high quality end product.

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Leading the Way

Building the Future

Tunneling just 12 feet beneath the Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) subway tunnels requires precision in planning and execution. Our Central Subway Tunnel Team applied the latest technology in tunneling, ground pre-conditioning and geotechnical and structural instrumentation to ensure this crossing was a success.

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We're looking for bright, innovative, hard-working people - those who thrive on demanding and challenging tasks and who bring out the best in others on their Team. Our people are eager for responsibility.

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