People building for People.

That's what we do at Barnard. Whether we're raising a dam in Alaska, constructing a reservoir in Florida, tunneling under downtown San Francisco, redirecting a river while building a complex hydropower plant in northern Manitoba, or strengthening and improving the integrity of a natural gas pipeline in a Sacramento suburb, our people arrive at our projects with a determination to do the best for their communities and be the best in the industry.

Our work also encompasses power transmission, marine, water and sewer pipeline, and environmental construction. Most often our projects include several of these elements. They always present a challenge. They affect our neighbors as well as our families. We live where we work, so we come to know our projects personally. We build for People.

Barnard News

Barnard Energizes the Oroville Dam Transmission Line  

Sept. 22 marked a pivotal moment for the Oroville Dam Transmission Line Permanent Reroute Project when Barnard, in a Design-Assist capacity with Design Engineer Stantec, energized the two double-circuit 230kV lines constructed for the California Department of Water Resources (DWR). 


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The Barnard Difference

Rising to the Challenge

In an area where providing drinking water is no easy task, Barnard is diligently constructing a system to pump and transport water from the deepest area in Lake Mead to nearby water treatment facilities. Once completed, this project will allow for the distribution of drinking water to Las Vegas residents for the foreseeable future. 


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Leading the Way

Planning for Success

With the expectation of population growth in the greater-Sacramento area, Pacific Gas and Electric Company’s (PG&E’s) R-300 L-407 Phase I Project is designed to improve overall gas system capacity and reliability to support future growth. Having recently completed the installation of 10 miles of the new L-407 and tying-in to PG&E’s existing natural gas pipeline, we are helping PG&E in addressing future concerns.

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We're looking for bright, innovative, hard-working people - those who thrive on demanding and challenging tasks and who bring out the best in others on their Team. Our people are eager for responsibility.

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